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Lime Odyssey has revealed the farming feature

Aeria Games has launched that its highly-anticipated 3D MMORPG Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta, will feature farming as part of its extensive collection of unique gameplay experiences. Lime Odyssey is currently in production and will be published in North America by Aeria Games in 2012.

Farming in Lime Odyssey enables players to harvest Crops or Livestock to receive Loot. These can be obtained from a farmer who is normally located by the farms next to any main town. There are various types of Crops and Livestock in Lime Odyssey, each of which yields a unique item. For example, a Cow Token yields fresh milk and a Vegetable Token yields long squash.

Process of Harvesting Crops in Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta:

- Satisfaction Level and Status – Once a player summons a Crop or Livestock, it must be monitored, fed or healed to increase its level of satisfaction. The status of Crop or Livestock starts at normal but quickly turns to hungry or in pain. Every time a player feeds or heals it the satisfaction level increases. The pet or produce ranges from greatly satisfied to greatly dissatisfied.

- Harvesting – To harvest Crop or Livestock, a player must reach a status level of greatly satisfied. In some cases, there may be a jackpot reward in which players’ yield could include rare recipes, gear, or greater quantities of normal yield. As a result, a pet or produce will disappear once successfully harvested.

The pet or produce will grow bigger and yield better rewards if it is left alive and not harvested for a long period of time. At each growth stage, the pet or produce evolves and has a different look. In addition to feeding, healing and harvesting, players also have the option to play with the pet or produce or change its name.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 19/01/2012


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