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World of Warplanes has presented the German Aircraft, has presented the initial tech tree of the German aircraft for its flight combat action MMO World of Warplanes. Players will have 19 warplanes to explore from two lines of light and heavy fighters.

World of Waplanes will expand its fleet of German warbirds to more than 90 models. German warplanes are famous for their fast altitude climbs and power dive attacks. Players will be able to control such famous Luftwaffe machines as the Bf. 109G, one of the most dangerous opponents of the allied forces, and the Me. 262, the first jet fighter interceptor used during WWII.

The first iteration of the German tech tree will be available upon the game's release scheduled for 2012.

"German engineers were never afraid of innovative design in their aircraft," said World of Warplanes producer Anton Sitnikov. "They embodied their ideas into impressive mass-production models and astonishing prototypes, and we are proud to include them into World of Warplanes."

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 23/01/2012


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