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Star Supremacy is releasing a new expansion, War Version

Star Supremacy is releasing a new expansion “War Version”. This expansion comes with new features to the game, Alliance War and Domination War. To prepare for this expansion, Barbily will be launching an Alliance Recruiting event.

War Version is now still under development but there are two main gameplays unveiled

- Alliance War – In this feature, alliances are allowed to declare wars on other alliances. Members of alliances get 3 times the Honor points from any battle if the alliances they are in are in Wars. More unique and powerful items will be added in the Honor shop and only Honor points can be used to buy these items.

- Domination War – After occupying certain numbers of nodes and space fortresses on a planet, an alliance will be selected as the dominator of this planet. The planet will be named after this alliance. Mysterious rewards will be sent to every member of the alliance.

In order to get ready for this new War Version expansion, Star Supremacy is celebrating a “Alliance Recruiting” event until the February 7th. In this event any old and new alliances members and leaders will receive free bonus items.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 26/01/2012


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