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InnoGames has unveiled some new features of Forge of Empires

InnoGames has presented new information of the gameplay elements of its new strategic browser game Forge of Empires, just weeks before a closed beta for the title is set to begin.

Players will be guided through the game's most important tasks via quests that encompass researching new technology, constructing a variety of resource-gathering buildings and tactical battles, but what a player chooses to build, conquer or research is in their hands. All of these important aspects lead towards the game's ultimate goal: lead a tiny Stone Age village through the various epochs, transforming it into a lavish and sprawling modern city.

InnoGames also has revealed that the combat system for Forge of Empires will be hex-based, allowing players increased control and strategic options for combat, alongside a research tree that moves players through history by discovering the greatest inventions of mankind.  These technologies unlock the use of additional land to build upon, stronger military units, and advanced structures that produce a variety of resources.

Building on its experience with successful strategy games Grepolis and Tribal Wars, the company is convinced of the game's success. "Forge of Empires is InnoGames' most elaborate in-house production so far", says Eike Klindworth, Co-founder of InnoGames. "Our requirements in terms of graphics, gameplay and technical quality of the game could not have been higher. As with Grepolis and Tribal Wars, we aim to provide a satisfying and enduring experience for players - the gameplay allows for a huge number of tactical options that will keep even advanced strategists engaged for a long time."

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 26/01/2012


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