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Exclusive Review of Jagged Alliance Online

Jagged Alliance Online is a new tactical browser game published by Gamigo. We had the opportunity to try it in Closed Beta, to tell you what’s about exactly this new title.

Jagged Alliance Online offers to all his players a strong tactic component. The combat system is turn-based and the game put the player inside a crude world full of mercenaries. The gamer can choose some of the best mercenaries around and with them try to complete a lot of PvE missions.

These missions will give him items, in-game rewards and money that can be used to buy a lot of upgrades for the structures in the main base and ammos for his mercenaries. Every mercenary has his main favourite weapon and his gameplay style. The player needs to choose wisely which mercenary bring to complete the quests!

The combat system, as we said, is turn-based and the player need to worry about the number of ammos his mercenary will use and about his health. The gamer will have also a little base with different buildings, such as the hospital and the armory.

Jagged Alliance Online offers a good mix of PvE and PvP. The player can partecipate to various PvE and PvP missions just opening the world map. The PvP missions are also called “Arenas”.

From a technical point of view Jagged Alliance Online is one of the best browser games around. The game is completely in 3D and has a lot of features. The game is actually in closed beta. Unfortunatly right now there isn’t a good tutorial that shows new players all the features in the game, but we are sure that Gamigo is developing one just right now.

Remember that you can get a Closed Beta Key, here

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 31/01/2012


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