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Army Rage is celebrating an Assault Pack Giveaway

Yacuba Games with MMOGinfo is celebrating a Assault Pack Giveaway for Army Rage only for new users, the codes are valid until 29th February 2012.

The Assault Pack pack contains:

M1 Garand (Gift)       - The M1 Garand uses .30-60 Springfield rifle cartridge, and was heavily  used by the U.S. forces in the World War II.
FG42 (Gift)       - The FG42 (Fallschirmjagergewehr 42) was a selective fire battle rifle  produced in Nazi Germany during World War II.
M43 Frag Grenade (Gift)       - Classic grenade with excellent crowd control.
Remote Charge (Gift)       - Remotely controlled explosives.
Experience Card (Gift)       - This card gives you 50% more experience gained after each game you play. The card will expire after 14 days.
5000Gold (Gift)     - Coins are the game currency you win by playing. You can buy weapons and special equipment with this currency.

To activate your promo code add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions. After that visit  Army Range and Register an account and activate it with the link sent to your email after registration.

Download and install the game, then ogin the game and create a character name upon your first login. Return to the homepage and login there, click on “Account” link at the top of the page and enter your promo code at the bottom box. The next time you enter Army Rage game, you will find your gifts in your Armory, once you find the items, the only thing that’s left to do is press “Use” and you’re good to go.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 09/02/2012


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