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Valentine’s Day has arrived to Elsword

Elsword is offering for its players the chance to get ready for Valentine’s Day. For a limited time, staples including heart-shaped boxes and chocolates will give gamers health bonuses and award them with special, themed items.

Until February 21, Cupid will be flying over Elrios and sending his Valentine’s Angels down in the form of accessories. Love is in the air once a player’s party is equipped with both a boy and girl angel, as they will bestow their good graces by providing sought-after gift boxes, random mana bonuses and curing heart effects.

For gamers with a sweet tooth, the NPC Ariel will offer handmade chocolates in exchange for ingredients. To get some of Ariel’s powerful treats and heal full HP and MP, players are tasked with gathering milk and chocolate from dungeons.

As tales of Ariel’s potent chocolates spread, fellow NPCs Lowe and Anna also want to get in on the action. Gamers willing to bring some sweets to Ruben Village, where Lowe and Anna reside, will be handsomely rewarded with a limited-edition Valentine item by the generous duo.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 13/02/2012


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