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Martial Empires is receiving a massive PvP content update

Gamigo‘s action MMORPG, Martial Empires, is receiving a massive content update with a wealth of exciting new content. This update comes with multi-faceted PvP modes, including a tournament mode and region wars.

In this tournaments, players play a series of duels to earn tournament badges, which can then be traded for prizes. In the region war, up to 16 guilds wage war each week for different regions that are occupied by the previous week’s winners. Conquering a region will earn the guild the right to collect taxes there for one week.

Players at Level 52 and higher can head to the new high-level dungeon to loot crafting materials used to create top-notch equipment. The enchantment system was also recently re-worked witha focus on incorporating feedback from players. As a result, the chance of success is considerably higher and the costs have been reduced.


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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 13/02/2012


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