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[Next-g 2012] First impressions of the new MMORPG Otherland

Yesterday, our team traveled to Hamburg to attend the Gamigo’s Next-G 2012, where we witnessed an exclusive Video presentation of Otherland, one of the new titles from the company. Sadly, we are not allowed to share what we recorded (for now), so you will have to settle for this article, some screenshots and the new trailer.

Otherland is a free to play MMO game based on the famous virtual reality series of novels of the same name (by the author Tad Williams). It features gorgeous graphics (and we mean it). The state-of-the-art technology of the Unreal Engine 3 allows the game to have stunning landscapes and very high-detailed models, plus spectacular light and shadow effects.

For approximately fifteen minutes, we were “in the game” and we got an idea of what awaits us. Otherland is not just a simple fantasy game, it’s a giant network of worlds, what it’s called «Multiverse», where actually all virtual realities are connected. And players can be anything, anywhere, anytime, no matter what you want. You can even be an Egyptian god.

To begin the video presentation, they showed us Eight Square, a region of the online world, a place full of references to a game of chess where we will be able to see giant chess pieces hanging of the sky.

The game heads for many traditional features of MMO games, but the combat system is more modern, action-based. From what we saw, the movement and the animations are very fluid. At this stage of development, we can say that the interface is intuitive and simple. We don’t know if they will modify it, but it was pretty enough.

After the combat showcase, we saw the central place of the Otherland’s network, Lambda Mall. If you remember this making of video you will know about what we speak. Lambda Mall is a giant social hub, connected to all the virtual worlds, where people live and where combat isn’t allowed. It’s the Internet of the future. In this place, with large buildings of apartments where players can actually live, we will find all kind of shops and places (from class, customization, weapon, clothes shops to night clubs). For example, in the English Pub, players can hang out, socialize, get buffs through drinking and join mini-games.

To summarize, we must say again that its graphics are spectacular. Take a look at the trailer or the screenshots and you will get a glance of it. Hopefully we will be able to publish the video of the presentation, so stay tuned.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 28/02/2012


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