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Bounty Hounds Online has presented its newest update

InnoGames has presented a new update for its Sci-Fi MMO Bounty Hounds Online, which is currently in beta Status.

The update contains, among a number of additional features and bug fixes, four new instances for players to explore.

The instances, designed for players with medium-high character levels significantly differ in their visual appearance.

Angelina’s Guest House is a modern and mysterious hideout, accommodating a number of high-ranking officials and VIPs. The Abandoned Irrigation Canals and Emergency Exit lead players deep underground, one into wet and muddy sewers, the other into a system of natural caves, providing the only escape route for the inmates of Nightmare Prison. Smuggler’s Lair, however, is an island area full of submerged reefs and whirlpools. Dangerous smugglers and poisonous insects wait for brave adventurers in the lush vegetation of this region.

All four instances are full of intriguing loot for treasure hunters, providing material to create rare objects including armor sets with added stat bonuses.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 29/02/2012


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