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Bright Shadow is going to launch a new content update

Gamania Digital Entertainment Europe is going to release a new and exciting update for Bright Shadow. The new expansion titled, The Tower of Ruins will add a whole new list of monster cards to collect and dungeons to explore. The expansion’s main course is the dreaded Tower of Ruins dungeon that is only accessible to the most determined players.
Luciana Archeologists have dug up a mysterious road sign near the Seal Tower which allegedly shows the way to the mythical Tower of Ruins which is located somewhere between the 4 kingdoms. The sign is scribbled with unreadable hyroglyphs but legend has it that if the Moon, Sun and the five elements align, the right path shall be uncovered. Ancient legends speak of an ultimate evil that is imprisoned in the tower. A beast or a devil, but nobody knows for sure...

Key features of this expansion:

-         Over 1700 new quests to complete
-         Over 250 new monster cards to collect
-         Tower of Ruins dungeon consists of 20 levels, for players that are level 70 or above
-         New battle system that allows you to summon mercenaries that assist in battle
-         New over-the-top bosses to defeat and capture
-         4 super rare armors to find

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 01/03/2012


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