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JuegaEnRed.Com/MMOGInfo.Com celebrates their first anniversary!

The staff of JuegaEnRed.Com and MMOGInfo.Com is proud to announce our first anniversary as digital media focused in multiplayer and massive online games. In commemoration of our first year we will be holding a give-away betwen 1 july and 25 july 2005 for our registered users. This give-away if mainly focused to our spanish visitants that will have the opportunity to win the following prices:

- 5 Packs with 1 excluve figure of World of Warcraft + 1 prepaid card for 60 days.
- 10 Colectionist edition of PrisonServer.
- 10 beta accounts for Auto Assault.
- 30 beta accounts for Roma Victor.
- 25 beta accounts for Dark and Light.
- 2 Star Wars Galaxies: Total Experience.
- 3 Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to the Lighspeed.
- 10 Packs with 1 Dominion(Massive Assault Network) and Imperial Glorys B.S.O.
- 5 City of Heroes.
- 5 Delta Force Xtreme.
- 10 Dark Age of Camelot(Spanish edition).
- 1 Battlefield 2.

For our international readers of MMOGInfo.Com we will give you the opportunity to participate and win one account for the beta stage of Auto Assault and Roma Victor.

To participate in the give away of 10 beta accounts for Auto Assault,  25 beta accounts for Dark and Light and 30 beta accounts for Roma Victor. Here

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 01/07/2005


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