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Announced a new MMORTS based in Stranger

Fireglow Games has announced the development of a new MMORTS based in the Stranger Series. Here you have the announcement:

Fireglow Games announces development of a new game of the MMORTS-"STRANGER"Game  series.
It is not a direct sequel of the original story line but evolution of the Stranger universe to the full-scale online project.
The main feature of the Stranger - Online is a compliancy with the MMORTS genre. We are going not only to redesign the existing gameplay up to the global scale, but also preserve all the attributes of a strategic game and propose plenty of innovations which are targeted to raise the whole genre to a completely new level. A list of the innovations includes:
- Online/offline characters development and economical income
- Revolutionary (no less!) players reward system
- New look to in-game factions (guilds)
Role-playing components are not to be forgotten either. A vast amount of automatic and controllable quests, continuous changing and complication of the game world, the universe will grow together with a players’ powers and abilities. Infinite variety of characters’ equipment, peculiar abilities and magic spells - all are necessary elements of the genre.
A payment system is also going to be implemented in a new way. We intend to propose several payment plans for different groups of players by geographical position, language, and playing style.

To visit the Stranger website. Here

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 07/10/2005


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