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Announced Goon World™ Organized Crime Online MMORPG.

CORAOPOLIS, PA - April 23, 2006 - Nemesis Studios Entertainment, newly formed development studio out of Pennsylvania, proudly announced the title for its first MMORPG, “Goon World™ Organized Crime Online,” a massively multiplayer online world based on exaggerated mafia characters called “Goons” is under development. Thousands of players will take the role of their own customized Goon and compete in the battle for wealth and control by organizing crimes online. Goon World is the first exaggerated mafia themed online RPG set in a fictional world and will offer a host of exciting gameplay features. Players will create their own customized goons, organize families, join existing families, organize crime ventures, learn professions and choose from hundreds of unique weapons and items. Families will rage war on both Non-Player Character (NPC) and Player Character (PC) families to gain the most power and become the most notorious and wealthiest Goon or family in the game. The game takes place amongst old 1900’s inspired architected cities and outskirts that offer unlimited crime ventures and many surprises. Players become an integral part of many varied ongoing interactive gigs that support both solo and grouping players effectively. “Goon World is the beginning of a new and exciting genre to the MMORPG industry, the world of the mafia,” says President of Nemesis Studios Entertainment, Justin Joseph Gaughan. “We are taking every necessary step to ensure that this game captures the excitement of the classic mafia tales and movies and offers a unique gameplay experience to the players.” ”This game is our tribute to everything Mafia and is set in a very dark and twisted world of gore, fictional drugs and organized crime that will grab the players by the wrists and not let them go for hours of fun gameplay.” says Vice President of Nemesis Studios Entertainment, Shawn Daniel Gaughan. Nemesis Studios Entertainment, L.L.C. plans to release their Goon World: Organized Crime Online website sometime this year to the public. The website can be found at

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 24/04/2006


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