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NCsoft announce its first European development - Soccer Fury™

NCsoft Europe is pleased to announce its first European development 
project and the first details on the game resulting from it - Soccer Fury™.

Created in collaboration with award-winning developer Digital Legends
Entertainment, Soccer Fury™ is just one of NCsoft’s new multiplayer
games, that will be part of an online gaming hub at All PlayNC
titles will be fully-featured, high quality PC games that are playable over the

Soccer Fury™ is a three-on-three arcade action game combining street
soccer with spectacular fighting techniques. Tap into a devastating arsenal of
martial arts, trick moves and team tactics as you power your way up the
field and tear down the opposition in epic online pitched battles.

No rules. No limits. No mercy. Nothing can stop the frenzied action from
reaching fever pitch, as teams compete for wins and fight for goal

Played out in the lawless back streets of the urban jungle, Soccer Fury™
players live purely for the passion and recognition that comes with
being the best!

Xavier Carrillo Costa, CEO, Executive Producer and Founder, Digital
Legends Entertainment said, “We are really excited about our partnership with
NCsoft and about pioneering a new segment of videogaming. Soccer Fury™
will be a key element of PlayNC's online games portfolio; integrating soccer,
fighting and character evolution to appeal to a large audience.”

Thomas Bidaux, Director of Products, NCsoft Europe, said, “We’re
delighted to be working so closely with such a strong, focused team. NCsoft is
hand picking only the finest games for the launch of PlayNC as a games portal
and Soccer Fury™ more than meets the standards we’re setting.”

For more information, visit

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 02/05/2006


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