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More prizes for our Second Anniversary!

Due to launching last monday the give-away for our Second Anniversary two more sponsors have been added to our promo, exactly, Electronic Arts and CCP Games that will provide us with the following:

Electronic Arts:

- 2 Battle for the Middle Earth II
- 2 Day of Defeat Source

CCP Games:

- 5 EVE Online t-shirts
- 3 EVE Online posters
- 10 50 days play cards for EVE Online
- 31 14 days trial cards for EVE Online

Due to the new prizes we have modified a little the prizes structure, adding the 14 days trial card in each of the packs, deleting the Codemasters Online Gaming mouse pads from Ipsilon and Sigma packs and adding them to a new pack named Omicron that will include the Electronic Arts prizes too. The 10 50 days play cards for EVE Online will be distributed as individual prizes. With all of that we definetively close the prizes list for this year and we are pleased to see that this year we have reached 309 prizes in total. We only can wish you all the luck to win one of our prizes.


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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 05/07/2006


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