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JoyImpact Inc. Launching Auto-Combat System

JoyImpact creator and developer of With Your Destiny Global a free to play global MMORPG have launched a new Auto-Combat System!

 To eliminate the use of other third party programs that is used to infiltrate the game system, JoyImpact decided to develop and incorporate a system for safe easy and more advance way to do auto hunting in the WYD Global.  This new system will protect the gamers from downloading illegal third party program that may result to hacking and accidental exposure of their personal account information.

 The new Auto Combat System features 3 new Combat Control Mode depending on the gameplay style of the players.  The first mode will be for melee players wherein your character will continuously attack a monster. The second is for magic users, in this mode your character will automatically casts its magic spells to attack its enemies.  The last mode will be for the automatic use of potions.  Potions will be used depending on the setting chosen by the player.  When the players HP reached a certain percentage (90, 50, 30 %) the character will automatically use a potion.

 The new system also includes new features for hunting, the Stationary, Free Movement and Fixed Range Hunting.  In Stationary Hunting, the character will stay in its position and will only attack enemies within its range.  In Free Movement Hunting, the character will automatically move to its closest target.  While in Fixed Range Hunting, the character will move to attack its closest target and will return to its original position when the enemy is defeated.

  With these new systems, players can now enjoy the freedom to chat with party or guild mates without worrying about his / her character’s hunting process.  Now players will never have to skip lunch time while playing WYD Global with the all new Auto Combat System.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 27/07/2007


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