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Dark Age of Camelot: Darkness Rising

The darkness rises over Camelot

The shades are growing and becoming stronger in the world of Camelot, and in case it was not enough with the eternal war between the kingdoms of Albion, Hibernia and Midgard, now a new threat has arisen within each one from the kingdoms and threatens to destroying them without concerning its external conflicts. The moment has arrived for call the champions of each kingdom so that they unite their forces and avoid that the evil destroy its lives...

Dark Age Of Camelot   Dark Age Of Camelot

Darkness Rising becomes the fourth payed expansion that sees the light of the successful MMORPG of Mythic Entertainment:  Dark Age of Camelot. And without a doubt its arrival supposes a great change for the players of this title and it's appearance in itself. Many are the new features that includes: new controlable mounts by the characters, new subclasses, the champion levels, the new weapons, new textures for the capitals and Darkness Falls and much more that we will review you throughout this news article.

Dark Age Of Camelot   Dark Age Of Camelot

There is no doubt that when Dark Age of Camelot was launch, one of the things that called more the attention was the possibility of riding horses in fixed routes to move by the regions of each kingdom, but what really wanted the users  was to be able to control them themselves and this reclamation hasn't been fulfilled until now. Although it's necessary to say that the delay has been worth the trouble, and now from level 35 players will be able to acquire a mount to go a 35% more faster within their kingdom. And from level 45 and thanks to the champions quests who we do we will be able to have access to the exclusive battle horses of the expansion, and use them in the frontiers that, being able to customize them with armors, guild emblems and more things.

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