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Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising

To my signal wrath and fire

With these famous words the general Maximus initiate the battle that would suppose the surrender of the germanic tribes to the power of Rome in the popular film of Gladiator. Since then who has not wished to be able to be in the paper of a combatant of this civilization that during centuries expanded conquering middle world and freeing some of the most shining battles  of history. Finally the moment approaches,  turn us a Roman combatant, to direct our troops in a persistent world and fight by the glory of Rome and its gods, is the hour of Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

Gods and Heroes   Gods and Heroes

Perpetual Entertainment has seted out to create a MMORPG that introduces the players completely in the Rome of year 300 B.C. allowing them to participate directly in the expansion of this State city. For it Perpetual is creating a persistent virtual world with hundreds of dynamic zones as much in the regions dominated and adjacent to Rome as mythologic realms. Thus we will have from extensive valleys, mountainous plains, hills to nordic regions, mountain ranges, islands and much more.

Gods and Heroes   Gods and Heroes

At the moment six are the classes of the available characters for the players at launch in Gods and Heroes:

- Soldier: Master in the handling of many weapons and the battle tactics in the battlefield, counts on a great discipline and can quickly see the weaknesses of his enemies. 
- Gladiator: He can become a great master in a great variety of weapons and specialized battle styles. Depends to a great extent on its instinct and in its abilities in the close combat.
- Explorer: Accustomed to the solitary life he is an expert in the handling of the long range weapons and in the survival techniques.
- Thief: Hardened by the continuous skirmishes in the alleys of the cities of the Republic, the thieves depend on their dirty tricks, the stealth and street fights.
- Priest: Its life is dedicated to the prayers and, in spite of not being very hard physically, he is a very wise in the rites of summoning the spiritual power.
- Healer: He is the great expert in treatments and remedies, even the spirits of whom are in the kingdom of the shades can be called to the life again by a great healer.

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