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Questions & Answers #1

This week we have had the chance to send some questions to Kevin Balantine, Senior Marketing Manager at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, that he has kindly answered about some of the main questions players are wondering about Stargate Worlds. As a plus we have been provided with a cool exclusive screenshot of Stargate Worlds.

1. First of all is obligated for us, as being a Spanish media, ask you guys about your localization plans for Stargate Worlds. As you know Stargate series are very popular in Spain and you have a specific Spanish forum in the official forums of the game. Will Stargate Worlds be localized to Spanish? If not do you have plans to do it after launch?

We plan to localize Stargate Worlds for each of the major markets. Ideally, the Spanish-language version of Stargate Worlds will be available at launch, but ultimately it is most important that we get the translation right.

Stargate Worlds

2. One of the main things talking about MMORPGs is the character progression for players. Talking about that we can see 2 different models, the Ultima Online one focused in skills and the EverQuest one focused in levels. To which one will appeal more Stargate Worlds? Can you explain a little how it will work?

Stargate Worlds will have a level-based progression for characters, but there will be a variety of skill trees for each character archetype to allow customization. The system is both accessible to players new to MMORPGs and familiar to longtime players.

Stargate Worlds

For an example of how this system will work, let's take a look at the Soldier archetype. Each archetype has three possible specialties. For the Soldier, those specialties are command, automatic weapons and heavy weapons. Command abilities give the players access to limited healing technology and team targeting buffs, while heavy weapons and automatic weapons abilities improve the character's ability to deal damage to enemies.

3. You have confirmed that Stargate Worlds won't be a MMOFPS because you want to use a more tactical combat. Can you explain us more about it?

Our tactical combat system will be something completely new in the MMORPG segment, yet it will be familiar to anyone who has played one before. Two things that really set our system apart are the importance of cover and the capability of the AI.

Cover has to form the core of any system trying to model modern combat in any sort of realistic manner. Standing out in the open during a firefight is suicide, and that will be reflected in Stargate Worlds where even high-level characters will hesitate to take bullets from low-level characters.

Stargate Worlds

Cover will be especially important to defeat the smart MOBs in Stargate Worlds that will use firepower and maneuver to take you out. Players will have to fight smart if they want to win.

4. Stargate fans are wondering what will happen with vehicles. Players will be able to use them either in planets or in space?

There will be vehicles in the game, but they will not be player controllable at launch. Player-controlled vehicles may make sense in a future expansion, but for launch we are focusing on core gameplay elements.

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