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We talk with Richard Garriot

MMOGInfo.Com take the opportunity to attend to the IBM's "MMOG Live Interactive Web Seminar 2" that took place yesterday. One of the star guests of the seminar was Richard Garriot, also known as "Lord British", that's is working with NCSoft in the development of Tabula Rasa, a futuristic MMORPG where humanity have to fight against an invasion from a fearsome alien race.

Richard Garriot talked about how the devs obtain the basics to start the development of a game and he tooks the example of Ultima's saga. Lord British exposed that at the moment of prepare tittles he had taken as referecen not only other games or new ideas, but the fundamental pilars were based in the literature, the history, numerology and mathematics. Moreover, he afirmed being a great follower of the PHI number and he showd its applications in geometry,  in fact the showed us how that number had been essential to design the vortex portals wich players will use in Tabula Rasa to travel fast between zones.

At the end the attendants take the opportunity to ask questions to Richard Garriot, we wanted to ask kim a big question in the heart of most players. Why noone has been capable to develop an Ultima Online clonic game adapted to the new tecnologies? His answer take 5 mins and we can resume it telling that to finish a project like Ultima Online is needed a very hard work for the companys and nowadays, companys have find out that with simpler ideas they get benefits and players, so they prefer to do that kind of games before starting a complicated project as emulate the game that most of the players consider as the Father of the MMORPG's.

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By: MMOGInfo.Com Publish date: 17/11/2005


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